About Our School Programs

Do you have a gently used instrument that you no longer use? Donate it so a student can learn!

Kingfield POPS School Programming seeks to collaborate with generous benefactors to bestow opportunities upon Franklin County student artists and musicians, both emerging and accomplished. Our goal is to provide opportunities to develop their talents and collaborate with established performers, as well as to provide further community enrichment for all in the areas of visual and performing arts.

We are currently excited to be engaging in the following opportunities for our student artists and community members:

  • Supplying instruments for our student musicians
  • Providing raw materials for our student artists
  • Hiring musicians/artists to provide in-school workshops throughout the year
  • Organizing and sponsoring field trips to music events and art centers (ie. to Bangor Symphony Orchestra and the Waterville Opera House)
  • Collaborating with student-centered music programs throughout the State of Maine
  • Sponsoring students to attend summer music camps
  • Scholarships for graduates seeking a 2-4 year degree in the Performing Arts
  • Providing opportunities for student musicians to perform on stage at the Kingfield POPs annual June concert event
  • Building other pathways for students to enter the field of Music/Art
  • Hosting music, art, and performing art events in the community